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McKay/Sheppard, babyfic
Luck of Atlantis series
Guesswork Podfic, 16:29

McKay and Sheppard stumbled back home to what Sheppard now called their double-wide even though he only did this in front of Ronon and Teyla who had no idea what he was talking about. It was dark and they both fell into bed with their clothes on, wanting to be ready to rescue their daughter at a moment’s notice. Rodney reclined on the bed, his back bolstered by pillows so that he was sitting up.

“Hey! How come I never get any pillows?”

“You don’t need pillows,” Rodney said, tapping the left side of his chest. John smirked in the darkness, crawling into bed and resting his head against Rodney. “Whenever I wake up, you’re either lying flat on the bed or on me,” Rodney complains but the caress of his fingers in John’s hair and along his spine says Rodney doesn’t mind at all. He mutters about how John should pick the name but Rodney reserves the power to veto.

“Leia” John suggests in the darkness.

“Pretty, but way too obvious.”

“What about naming her after Weir?” John said.

“Hmmm. Good idea, even if Katherine is a little traditional for my tastes… I guess we should name her after her mother if we’re honoring fallen expedition members,” Rodney thinks aloud.

“Good point. I like Katelyn,” John murmured then added, “What’s her first name?”

“Ripley?” Rodney said.

“Nice, but let’s not set her up to battle killer aliens for a living.”


“Rodney, I like Battlestart Galactica as much as the next guy, but no.”

“Well, I don’t hear you giving any better suggestions!”


“Yuck,” Rodney dismissed.


“Better, but I refuse to give her a name from Star Trek. If we have to go with a fan name, I’d prefer something from a better fandom,” Rodney said, not caring if he sounded like a snob because, on Atlantis, everyone would know exactly where the name came from and he’d be damned if his colleagues thought he was a trekkie.


“Okay, I’ll give you points for Uhura since classic Trek is far more respectable, but no,” Rodney decided.


“Connor or Jane Smith?”

“Connor, of course,” John clarified indignantly.

“What was I thinking? It would be the one who can cock a shot gun one-handed. Doesn’t matter; too plain,” Rodney said.

“Pris,” John said, starting to think it didn’t matter what he said, Rodney would find a way to say no. John knew that, in the end, Rodney would pick the name; this was just a guessing game they played to see if he could figure out what Rodney wanted.

“Didn’t she crush a man’s skull with her thighs?”

“Yeah.” John clearly thinks this is a selling point.

“No!” Rodney is appalled.


“No comment.”


“Don’t make me shoot you, Colonel.”

“Then you make suggestions while I shoot you down; I’m doing all the work here, McKay!”

“I chose Katelyn; you choose the first name,” Rodney said, kind of lamely since Katelyn was mostly a joint decision and he just wanted Sheppard to feel like this was his child too, as if naming her would make him more responsible somehow.

“Aeryn,” Sheppard said with a sigh.

“I like it… maybe,” Rodney said, obviously not convinced.

“Leia. She’ll be the princess of Atlantis, Rodney; it’s perfect,” John yawned, forgetting his plan to stay awake.

Rodney, who loved Star Wars, thought it was kind of corny, but he didn’t say so. He drifted off to sleep and woke the next morning with an arm anchored across his waist and lips moving against his side. “Hmmm?” Rodney murmured, rubbing his eyes and remembering the night before. “Oh my god! Why didn’t they call us? She has to be hungry by now,” Rodney bolted up, knocking John to the side as he jumped out of bed.

“I’m sure they fed her, Rodney. Calm down. Shower. Let’s get breakfast before we get her,” John said, wondering if he should just start calling her Katelyn.

Rodney insisted they stop by the infirmary on their way to breakfast just to make sure everything was alright. They found Dr. Keller looking over her vitals in the nursery as the baby slept peacefully. “Hey dads, she’s still out but her next feeding should be in about an hour if you want to come back and get her then.” John walked up to the bassinet to get a closer look.

“Hey,” John whispered but he was careful not to touch since Dr. Keller watched him like a hawk. Rodney stared at the helpless little person and his heart thudded like it would jump out of his chest.

“Can she come home? Being in the infirmary can’t be good for someone so tiny with an undeveloped immune system. Can you imagine all the alien viruses she’s risking just by breathing this air? Can we take her home now?” Rodney demanded and Keller just grinned. Sheppard was touching the drawstring at the bottom of the tiny smock, searching for the ten toes he was almost certain he counted a few hours ago.

“Yep. Everything looks good. If you’re ready for her, I’ll release after her next feeding,” she said, ushering them out the room when it looked like Sheppard was about to wake his daughter. “Of course, I’ll need a name for the records,” she smiled, waiting with wide eyes as Sheppard rolled his eyes and McKay’s chin jutted in the air stubbornly.

“Leia Katelyn Sheppard,” John said, defiantly, just to get a rise out of McKay.

“Over my dead body-“

“Boys, go argue and shout someplace else,” Keller said, pushing them out the infirmary.


“Why not?”

“Because it’s corny, Colonel,” McKay said, more than a little exasperated, as Teyla and Ronon joined them at the table, wisely not asking questions but sharing an amused look at their friends’ antics.

“Ronon,” John said, “What do you think of the name, Leia?”

“It’s fine.”

“There. See? It’s fine,” John said.

“Exactly. Why pick a name that’s just ‘fine’? This is the princess of Atlantis- you said so yourself! Besides, I hardly think Conan should get a vote, no offense,” Rodney gave Ronon a condescending smile and the Satedan growled in response, startling the scientist.

“None taken,” he said, pulling a knife from some hidden pocket in his vest and plunging toward McKay, spearing and stealing his pancakes. Rodney squeaked in fear and didn’t even object. “On Sateda, children are named when they are born; you look into their eyes and see their future. This allows you to pick the right name,” Ronon explained, surprised that the Earth customs were so unenlightened. Rodney would’ve made fun of Ronon’s mystical hocus pocus, but the Satedan seemed so certain of this custom and Rodney was thrown since they’d been arguing for hours and were no closer to a name than when they first started.

“Well,” Sheppard announced, looking at Rodney in case Rodney wanted to tell them, but Rodney just looked confused, “she was born this morning, but mostly her eyes have been closed so…” he grinned at Ronon. “Maybe you can look into them and tell us what her name should be ‘cause I don’t think Keller’s going to release her if we don’t give a name for the records.” Teyla and Ronon smiled, recognizing the offer to come see the infant for what it was.

“I’d be honored,” Ronon said.

“Congratulations, John, Rodney,” Teyla said touching foreheads with both men and whispering in Rodney’s ear, “You will be an excellent parent.” She smiled and returned to her seat, leaving Rodney staring at her as if he wanted to ask if she were serious. She nodded her silent answer to his unspoken question.


“Perfect timing; she just opened her eyes,” Keller said as the team eagerly approached the still quiet infant but a nurse pulled Sheppard and McKay to the side to show them how to prepare a bottle.

Ronon grinned happily. “She has your hair, Sheppard,” he said, brushing his fingers along the fine shock of dark hair that stuck out in all directions. When she started to whimper, sucking on her fist, Teyla picked her up and rocked her gently, shushing her hungry complaints and smiling when the baby nuzzled and mouthed at her breast.

“I’m sorry, little one; that well is dry,” Teyla said softly, offering her fingertip as a pacifier and looking up to see where the parents were. John was holding out his hands expectantly and Teyla smiled, handing the baby over. Little cries escalated quickly and John tried to rock his child as expertly as Teyla. He held out his hand for the bottle and Rodney hesitated, wanting to say he made it so he should get to feed her. John, who could see Rodney’s childish logic, gave him a look which had Rodney shamefaced and handing over the bottle in seconds. Her eyes were closed as she emptied the bottle and Rodney made a comment about sleep eating to which Teyla smiled and said, “New babies sleep a lot, but they are still a lot of work.” Then John burped her and before she could drift off to sleep, Ronon took her in his arms and whispered softly to her.

“This child will be gifted. She will learn from the greatest minds, but her true talent will be all her own. She will be the jewel of her people and a profit to all who possess her,” Ronon decreed in a hushed tone, smiling down at the bright blue eyes.

“I could’ve told you that,” Rodney muttered.

“So what do you think we should name her?” John asked, figuring Rodney wouldn’t have the nerve to tell Ronon his idea was stupid.

“The name is yours to choose; I can only give insight.” Ronon handed the child to John who looked into her wide eyes.

“Hey, blue eyes,” John whispered, “ apparently you’re gonna be pretty smart-“

“As if there was any doubt,” Rodney preened.

John continued. “And you’ll have the best teachers in two galaxies, and everyone will love you, and want you on their team.” John looked at Rodney expectantly, drawing a blank.

“Well, okay, I probably wouldn’t have guessed the last part, although, in my defense, that’s your interpretation of what Conan said. Oh! What about Marguerite of Sabliere? It’s an appropriate namesake because-“

“Yeah, I get it McKay, but I’m not calling my daughter Margie. Kids will call her large Marge.”

“She will not be fat!” Rodney insisted.

“It won’t matter; kids are cruel” John said, rocking their little girl and cooing something to her that Rodney couldn’t quite make out. When she looked up at him and let out a tired little sigh before closing her eyes, John decided. “Sable,” he told Rodney who just nodded and smiled, rubbing at her little belly.

“Sable Katelyn Sheppard,” Rodney said, looking at Dr. Keller.

“Sheppard?” John smiled, looking at Rodney. “I thought you wanted little McKay’s running around.”

“She’s still a little McKay; it’s all in the genes. Besides, now that declassification is underway, I’ll be getting multiple Nobels and god knows what other awards and commendations. What kid wants to live up to that?”


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